The course

Course scull
The course is about 9 km long. It starts in the bay at the bottom end of the lake (Werkbucht) and finishes in front of the RC Bern. Competitors can usually choose their own route.
However, the organizers reserve the right to mark out a set route with buoys if conditions dictate.

Boats must then stay strictly on the correct side of the buoys. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.


Start scull

Race numbers - and therefore positions at the start - are allotted on the basis of the previous year's results. World Championship competitors receive special consideration. Late entrants are usually placed at the back of the field.

Competitors must race in club colours.

They must also ensure that the number on their back is clearly visible, and their boat number firmly fixed to the bow.

Competitors row down to the start from the pontoons in front of the RC Bern.

Please allow at least 55 minutes to get to the start.

Men and women start simultaneously, with women on the stroke side of the field.
25 boats start in each row, with two lengths between the rows. (Boats 1-25 in the first row, followed by 26-50, etc.)
All participants must start in the appropriate place for their number. Orderly marshalling and the starting signal are the responsibility of the umpires. They reserve the right to impose three-minute time penalties or even disqualify scullers
who start in the wrong row, jostle or ignore marshalling instructions.

Please be fair and don't barge your way further forward at the start.

Race numbers are allocated and distributed by organizers. They are available on race day from the Race Secretary.


Finish scull
For competitors' safety, motorboats are positioned along the course, ready to intervene in emergencies.
Slower scullers must make way for those overtaking.

After crossing the finishing line, competitors must continue rowing under the footbridge
and up to the turning buoy (approx. 250m). This helps avoid jams and collisions.


The rules are available here.

Entry fees

The standard entry fee is CHF 50 per scull. Competitors participating at our closing party pay CHF 65 for entry and closing party in total.
Competitors competing for a club located more then 1'000 km away do not have to pay an entry fee. If they wish to participate at the closing party, they need to pay CHF 30.

The entry fee must be paid at least a week before the race to the Bern Regatta Association's bank account.
In exceptional cases (e.g. technical problems with the bank transfer), the entry fee can be paid
in cash on race day.
Please follow these instructions, in order to prevent queues at the Race Secretary's office.

Participants receive an Armadacup T-shirt when they return their race numbers.


Please submit your entries here.

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