1. Category M SEN A Men Senior A older than 22 years
2. Category M SEN B Men Senior B 19 - 22 years
3. Category M JUN A Junior Men A 17 - 18 years
4. Category M JUN B Junior Men B 15 - 16 years
5. Category M MAS ABC Master A - C 27 - 49 years
6. Category M MAS DE Master D - E 50-59 years
7. Category M MAS FG+ Master F - G+ older than 60 years
8. Category F SEN A Women Senior A 22 - 26 years
9. Category F SEN B Women Senior B 19 - 21 years
10. Category F JUN A Junior Women A 17-18 years
11. Category F JUN B Junior Women B 15-16 years
12. Category F MAS ABC Women Master A - C 27 - 49 years
13. Category F MAS DEFG+ Women Master D - G+ older than 50 years
14. Category Adaptive Rowing Women and Men all ages


All participants must be able to swim at least 300m and have appropriate insurance. All rowers must be able to present a valid license from their national association. Applications for a license for Swiss participants must be correctly completed and have arrived at the headquarters of the Swiss Rowing Association in Sarnen before the close of applications. Junior participants must have a completed and signed copy of the medical declaration and a signature from their legal guardian. Rowers from abroad who do not have a license must sign a liability exemption form in the regatta office.

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