Marc Furrer, a major figure in Swiss rowing, started the Armadacup in 1980. The first winner was Philippe Monteil from Solothurn. Since then, he's been followed on the podium by famous international scullers such as Peter-Michael Kolbe, Vaclav Chalupa, Juri Jaanson, Marcel Hacker, Mahe Drysdale, Martin Damir, Nico Stahlberg and Jason Osborn. Well-known winners of the Women's Division include Ekatarina Karsten, Emma Twigg, Pamela Weisshaupt, Mirka Knapkova and Magdalena Lobnig.

Alongside the scullers, the Armadacup has also hosted a series of dragonboat races. From 2017, however, the organizers will be returning to their original focus. A separate race also gives U15 coxed quads a chance to race in front of the Armadacup crowd.

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