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We're pleased to announce the successor event of the Armadacup: Bern Boat Race

Goodbye to the Armadacup

Goodbye en Bernhard Marbach,

In many ways, the 2018 Armadacup looked like the 31 before it. As they have over the years, top scullers from around the world again tussled with sandbanks, weeds, bends and a large field of other competitors. This race was, however, our last in this form.

After 24 years on the OC, eleven of them as President, Thomas von Burg (SC Biel) has decided to retire. He is joined by several of his long-standing colleagues.

Bern Regatta Association continues nonetheless. A team led by Hanspeter Glauser (RC Bern) and Jürg Schäffler (RC Wohlensee) has decided to establish a different event under a new name.

Two Dutch rowers are the winners of the 32nd Armadacup

Koen Metsemakers at the Mens race and Roos de Jong at the Ladies race are the winners of the 32nd Armadacup on the Wohlensee near Berne. Metsemakers went quite early in front of the field with 250 scullers and could keep his lead up to the finish. Roos de Jong won after a tight race against Patricia Merz, the Swiss Lightweight Champion.

Metsemakers won his race rather clearly in front of the surprising Swiss Lightweight-Sculler Jan Schäublin, Nico Stahlberg, Switzerland and the Olympic.- and World Champion Valent Sinkovic followed on the next places.

The filed was also this year very strong with many actual World .- and Olympic-champions but also with former ones – like Thomas Lange or Peter Antonie, who showed that they are still very fit.

The Armadacup is absolutely unique in the world of rowing. All single-scullers start together in rows of 25. Beside technique, stamina and strength it also important to find the right tactic plus the right way through all the bends and the little sandbanks, some with weed. The special thing is that hobby-rowers are in the direct comparison with the world’s best single-scullers.

The conditions on the 9 km-course were calm – but it was cold with a drizzle. Also this year were thousands of spectators along the course, which is a spectacular sight even for people who usually don’t visit a rowing race.

Unfortunately this special event will end after this competition due to lack of a new team of organizers.

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