Next Event: 31. Armadacup, October 28, 2017

Sprint-Cup at the Armadacup

To make the Armadacup even more attractive to rowers, a Sprint-Cup will be held for the first time at the 31st Armadacup. 8 women and 8 men from the international rowing elite will be invited to compete in this spectacular 250-meter event.

The start of the quarter finals will begin at 11:30 am 250 meters above the Stegmattsteg.


Sprint-Cup (Start approx. 250 meters above the Stegmattsteg)
11:30 am1. men’s quarter final
11:33 am1. women’s quarter final
11:36 am2. men’s quarter final
11:39 am2. women’s quarter final
11:42 am3. men’s quarter final
11:45 am3. women’s quarter final
11:48 am4. men’s quarter final
11:51 am4. women’s quarter final
11:55 am1. men’s semifinal
11:58 am1. women’s semifinal
12:01 pm2. men’s semifinal
12:04 pm2. women’s semifinal
12:10 pmMen’s bronze medal race
12:13 pmWomen’s bronze medal race
12:16 pmMen’s final
12:19 pmWomen’s final
C-Gig (Start Wohleibrücke)
1:50 pm1. series
1:51 pm2. series
1:52 pm3. series
Armadacup (Start Werkbucht)
2:00 pmMass single scull race


The Armadacup is a top rowing event for both professional athletes and people engaged in popular sports.

From 2017 The Armadacup will be realigning its concept by focusing on the rowers, i.e. the single skull and c-gig races. Based on this change in strategy the Armadacup will no longer be hosting the dragon boat or canoe races.

The dragon boat and canoe races have been an important and attractive part of the Armadacup and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all that have participated over the years.

Marti bau
Weiss appetito